Journey Entry-i

Five days ago, I’ve embarked on a month long journey which I am to isolate myself from the outside world and its distractions. I only have my core studio equipment with me, plus couple of stuff to survive. I have absolutely no internet - thus no social media, and I am here all alone just for one reason; to explore.

Being the only person here in this beach for a serious amount of time – I’ve rented a beach-house off season so cheap – will probably drive me crazy at some point. But I’m planning on using that pool of emotions to become more creative. So either this beats me, or I beat myself while exploring.

This is not some motivational crap or a pathetic, hip or so-called artistic drama behavior. For me, this is something that I have to endure, go through and become more focused, considering my old life where I get to have every materialistic thing I want at anytime.

Right now I am living in a very minimalistic way. I’m only consuming raw food, meditating, making music, taking a long walk to the nearest town for shopping – which is around 7km long – and running on beach to get in shape again. I’m not exactly the happiest person right now, but I can say I am very peaceful – despite on the fact that I am only at the fifth day of this journey and I have still a lot to experience.

Most kids around me make music because they want to be rich, fly in private jets, or simply show off to gain a social status.  I know I do not aim any of these by making music, and I’ve realized this a long time ago, those who have all the previously mentioned things, know that they are just side-effects on what they did.

Still I’m not sure WHY I’m making music. Yes, I love it, I enjoy it, I am good at it, I have more than enough background for it, but I’m sensing there is more to all of that, hence the reason I’m on this journey – to explore.


p.s.: I’ve posted this from an indie coffee shop at the nearest town

p.p.s.: this photo was just a random shot